Monday, February 25, 2013

It All Boils Down to Growth - FWG - BillyDKY

Preliminary Stuff

a. I'm going to explain FWG with a video per day for the next couple weeks.

2. Basic sell of FWG

a. What is the grass doing? Growing. What are the trees doing? Growing. What have you been doing since conception? Growing. What has scientific knowledge been doing since antiquity? Growing. What has the universe been doing since the big bang forward? Growing. All of life boils down to GROWTH.

b. Just investigate your life, what has been the core concept surrounding it?

i. It is may not be obvious at first but if you really think about it. It's growth.

3. What else could life be about if not growth?

a. How about Jesus?

i. It just doesn't make sense.

b. Growth makes sense.

i. It brings everything together.

(1) Think about what great truths in science do. They bring things together & opens new doors of growth.

ii. Notice, Jesus divides people. He even says, "I'm come to take a family of five & turning two against three." Not smart nor wise. That will get you crucified.

c. Occams' Razor

i. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

(1) How simple is growth?

(a) Extremely simple, practical, easy to understand & visible with your own eyes; not to mention FWG produces results.

4. Diagram - E - G - P - T

5. Again, over the next couple weeks, I'm going to be going through the nine principles & explaining one per day.

a. I have a FWG brochure out there. It's the first link in the information section of this video. If you really like FWG & want to see it grow, here is your chance to pass some brochures out.

b. If you want to know more about the Following the Way of Growth, FWG for short. It is the second link in the information section of this video.

c. Over the next week or two, I will be revising the blog to give it a fresh take on my understanding of it. I first did that blog back in September of 2009 when I first discovered FWG. Now, I'm ready to do a better take on it. So if you really like the blog, it will be a fresh take over the next couple weeks.

d. After I'm done updating the blog, I will put a PDF of the blog out there so you can download it, print it & read it at your leisure.

e. Someone asked if they could do an article on FWG, I said fine but just give me credit for the system. Just be fair & I will be fair. My primary goal is to have my base needs met & then it's about getting the message out.

f. I'm available to speak to any groups if you would like me to do that. Pay the expenses & I will come.

g. Following the Way of Growth is on Facebook too. Just type Following the Way of Growth in the Facebook's search engine.

h. I'm creating a playlist for this mini series of videos.

6. The next video will be Apply Yourself. It should be tomorrow or the next day. I'm moving so who knows.

7. Until the next video, later folks

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