Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pain, Decay & Death

Pain, Decay & Death
Pain is trying to teach you something.
The body will decay.
Death will happen.

Pain, decay & death are coming.
You might as well prepare for them.
If you prepare for them, their power over you will be minimal.
Fighting reality is tiresome.

Ego & pleasure intensify pain, decay & death.
Ego & pleasure steal your life.

Ego tries to create ways to avoid death: rebirth, life after death, savior, technologies, etc.

There is nothing to live for.
There is nothing to die for.
Just live until you die.

"What old tree doesn't have a broken branch?" - Indian Saying
But yet it still has plenty of growing to do!

You can endure more than you think.
Life is more tenacious than you think.

It's hard for people to let go of their youth.
Learn to transition well.

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